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GROOVV Offers - This Changes Everything!

Groovv Offers is an easy-to-use mobile and social marketing tool that increases traffic and drives repeat sales. Groovv Offers’ web-based interface takes the guesswork out of marketing.

There are hundreds of offers and themes to pick from. Customize an offer in just a few minutes, then send it to your customers on Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS text message and even your own website—all with a single click.

We will bring you new pre-qualified customers

What your business needs is new enquiries and sales from your website every single day and we know how to bring them to you.

We know how to save you time and money

By becoming your external marketing team and work tirelessly to provide you with an excellent return on investment.

No more Swiping!!

Use Apple Pay with ease

and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover

and American Express.

Dont roll up your sleeves, let Groovv do the work for you!

Your Wireless POS Solution

Groovv Register is the new, powerfully simple point of sale solution built for merchants like you. Available on a tablet, an all-in-one POS solution or a mobile device, Groovv Register replaces traditional cash registers and credit card terminals to help you make sales more efficiently. Now you can easily access key information, so you can grow and manage your business better than ever.


Who Groovv Helps

Designed to help your business make more sales, and track those sales

"We have over 200 text subscribers, we're sending them promotions, it's quick and easy to track – without a doubt I am 100% all in."

"We have 25 people a day signing up. The service is helping with customer frequency and improving customer count."

"The marketing grew our business by 5%. And not having to do the marketing myself – anything that can help me with that job is helpful."

Groovv Storefront

Built for Businesses Small and Large
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Groovv Tablet

Take Your Business on the Go
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Groovv Restaurant

A Smart POS System for Restaurants
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Apple Pay

Get Ready for Contactless Payments
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Powerfully SimplePoint of Sale

Manage your business with an easy to use point of sale solution, complete with back office accessibility and reporting.

Mobile & SocialMarketing

Send offers to your customers via Facebook, Twitter, SMS text or online to help grow your business.


Accept all card types at the counter, on the floor, or on the go that's quick, easy, and affordable.

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